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Africa Confidential was founded in 1960 as a newsletter analysing the situation throughout Africa at a time of rapid decolonialisation, not only in British colonies and protectorates but also in French and Belgian ruled countries. There was a great need for trusted interpretation of events in the African continent and this was provided by the fortnightly report, then called by its year of publication - Africa 1960, then Africa 1961, until the late 1960s when the title became Africa Confidential.

The newsletter has followed on the ups and down in the continent of political, military and social groups, of the great changes in political power, of the roles of armies and armed struggles, and of financial and economic development. Africa Confidential has never editorialised. It is not - and never has been - the mouthpiece of officialdom; it is trusted and compulsory reading for many movers and shakers on the continent, as well as governments and interests outside Africa which seek to learn about and influence African decision-making.

A network of correspondents was established, which is still growing today. Initially, in the era of anti-colonial struggle against often repressive governments, it was decided that no bylines be published for correspondents who, in some cases, might be in danger of their lives. This principle continues.


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